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DVD & CD production

The process of manufacture now continues in the engravers machines. In them the zinc masters that we have produced in the previous process is placed and on it we inject fused polycarbonate. The polycarbonate is solidified instananeouy by means of cold water giving as result a plastic disc that already contains the information that exists in the masters, that is to say, it takes drilled the crests and valleys (the zeros and ones) with the digital information. This process is very short in time by the degree of sophistication of the technology that we used and lasts between 2,6 and 4,2 seconds by each disc. Obviously all the process is made in a suitable continuous chain to the amounts that we must make.

Once made the polycarbonate disc, we have to metallize the opposite face to which it contains the information, in such a way that the light is reflected. This process has varied a lot throughout time: in the begining it was a golden surface; later was silver and nowdays is used an aluminium mixture with silver.

The injection / pressing explanation continues ...

  1. The stamping master
  2. Mastes 2
  3. Master Verification
  4. CD / DVD Production
  5. Quality control
  6. CD / DVD painting
  7. Packaging y logistics
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Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

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Digital CD duplication

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Detail of a Digipack digital.

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Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand