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Highest Quality 7 color CD & DVD printing

1.- Screen printing/Serigaphy CD and DVD printing

The image shows a disc (CD or DVD) printed by 100 lines per inch (lpi) serigraphy.

The detail shows the large size of the dots which means that the detail level is quite poor compared with newer systems, as shown below.

Nonetheles, when it ise necessary to use plain-flat colors without halftonning (called direct colors o pantone colors) or colors to enhance (like silver or gold tints) still is quite common its usage.

2.-Offset CD and DVD printing

The image shows a disc (CD or DVD) printed by 150 lines per inch (lpi) serigraphy.

Actually this technique is the same as depicted in section 1, with plates imprinted on the top (instead of bottom as used on paper). The only difference is the lines per inch that here are higher and consequently the detail level is better.

In the enclosed magnification (the same in the 3 sections) it can be seen smaller dots, and consequently higher definition. The dots are actually composed of circles of 4 basic colors (CMYK) and the process is called halftonning.

3.-Digital, 7 colors CD and DVD printing

The image shows a disk painted (we use the them painted instead of printed because of the higher detail) by the digital 7 color printing technique, which is the most advanced technique currently available.

As can be seen, the dots can (almost) not be seen, even at this degree of magnification, so these discs have the highest quality available today. It so, that even can match direct/pantone colors that could only be possible with the 1st technique, but with lower definition.

Since this technique is quite new, you only will get the full sense of it if you grab a disc in your hands and see with your eyes. So we encourage you to request a free & no compromise sample so you can get a full sense of what we are talking about.

Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

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Digital CD duplication

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Detail of a Digipack digital.

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Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand