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Digital DVD & CD Duplication

In the previous video, we show two robots for DVD and CD duplication. Even in short runs (less than 5000), as in digital duplication of CD & DVD, the work is mostly automated.

Our Production Process

DVD and CD Duplication 1

You have to send us all materials needed to produce the discs using whatever means are suitable to you: courier, post mail, email, ftp, wetranfer, mega,... Usually you will send separately the master disc and the graphics. You can send the master trough internet (see the instructions on how to dump a CD o DVD to a computer file that can be sent. If you don not have master disc, we can make a master completely free for you (you still need to verify it).

You can make the disc graphic, cover, booklet, etc using our templates for discs and graphics

DVD and CD Duplication 2

Technicians overlook the whole proccess. The master is transferred to industrial duplicators where the CRCs (a parameter that shows the integrity of the dics tracks) are verified when copied bit to bit. It is not a "logical" file copy; rather, it is a disc dump which is further verified against the master.

DVD and CD Duplication  3

Graphics files are looked for correct layout and its elements, like bleeding, cut marks, etc

DVD and CD Duplication  4

Once printed, the graphics are manipulated for creasing, folding, etc as needed.

DVD and CD Duplication  5

The discs are recorded by dumping back the image to recordable discs.

Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

The DVD & Cd copies are printed in high definition .....[know more on 7 colors hi def CD printing]

Digital CD duplication

The DVD & CD digital duplication has higher quality, is quicker and costs less....[know more on DVD & CD digital duplication]


Detail of a Digipack digital.

Digipacks are deluxe packaging...[learn more on digipacks]


Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand