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Discs of Debian distribution

They are the discs of the full Debian Distribution.

Available on CD, DVD o BluRay.

On demand recording: Always the lates distribution available

Box containing DVD/BlueRay containing the full Debian distribution Multidisc box with  Debian distro

DVD disc of Debian distro BluRay  disc of Debian distrribution CD disc of Debian distrribution

To order the discs, visit Aldevara site on the page Debian Distribution whare you can also buy the books on instalation and administration


Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand

Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

The DVD & Cd copies are printed in high definition .....[know more on 7 colors hi def CD printing]


Detail of a Digipack digital.

Digipacks are deluxe packaging...[learn more on digipacks]

Digital CD duplication

The DVD & CD digital duplication has higher quality, is quicker and costs less....[know more on DVD & CD digital duplication]