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Comparison between 7 color digital and 4 color offset printing

The following examples show the result of painting CD and DVD with the newer 7 color digital system and the oldest serigraphy based on 4 basic colors.

Technically, the 7 color digital system is not screened and so, the 2500 dots per inch are fully printed onto the surface. The serigraphy is done with halftoned plates, and consequently, at the most, you can get 150 lines per inch and those with just 4 colors. These are not dots, but circles or rosettes. In any case, with spot 150 against thousands in the modern digital system.

So we have both, more detail and also wider color spectrum. Consequently, "it is said" that the modern systems spot around 10.000 colors while the older system at the most 2500.

The next picture shows a reddish global tone, that our system, due to the ligth magenta and enhanced resolution, it is able to show skin tone closer than other systems.

The following picture show two key aspects: on one hand, saturation, that as can be seen it is much better in the newer system. Other is color realism: the green is green.

The following picture is a detail of the previous.

The following picture show the color saturation. Blacks are quite difficult to reproduce (together with white). A black color is such when it has an optica density (OD) of 3 or more. On paper it is considered properly printed when the OD is 3.6. In the left , even though there are dark, almost black colors, the mountain shadows do have a OD of 2, and the sweater is 2.4. Those are very far from being properly printed. On the right, with an OD of 3.4 we are quite close to what you would get on paper. All this is just small number of the many differences between the technologies.

Comparing HiDef newer digital system with older low resolution

Hi def CD painting in detail .

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Digital CD duplication

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Detail of a Digipack digital.

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Woma holding a CD duplication on one hand